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Monday, February 22, 2010

Full Steam Arts Studio Guidelines

What is intuitive art? What will it be like in the studio? These ten guidelines will explain a lot!

  1. Everyone is creative! What matters most is your sense of aliveness & connection to your internal process. Focus on the pure, unfiltered process of creativity. Let go of technique. Paint like a four year old! The materials are here for you to explore; enjoy yourself! It is ok to make a mess. Step outside of your comfort zone & take risks!

  1. There is no such thing as “good” or “bad” art. Explore your creative impulses; don’t judge your images based on the right-brained, logical mind. Trust your intuition. Don’t worry about getting the representation of an object “correct,” explore your own style instead. This is an inner critic-free zone!

  1. Respect yourself, your image & your process through radical self-acceptance & compassion: do not crumple or throw away images or put yourself down. No orphan paintings!

  1. Maintain silence in the studio; it helps to create safety & respect. From time to time, I will be checking in with students individually to help you stay connected to yourself and the process. Overhearing parts of these quiet conversations can help others deal with similar issues.

  1. Refrain from commenting on the art at all times. Practice silent witnessing of your fellow-artists instead. Even positive comments can activate our inner critic’s need for approval. No “Put-downs” or “Put-ups.”

  1. Be needy & proud of it! Ask for help; don’t suffer alone! All of your feelings are welcome in the studio. Intuitive art can open up powerful feelings which trigger deep unconscious healing and growth. Sometimes this process can be surprising!

  1. Open up to the possibility of meaninglessness; don’t rush understanding in your images; practice simple curiosity and mindfulness.

  1. Finish one painting or collage at a time. Most will want to stop painting when they hit a rough spot and may not actually be done. Please see me at the end of each painting to help you check this out. Sign & date every painting.

  1. Practice the acceptance of any and all emerging imagery. Resist the urge to cover up or fix anything that shows up on your paper. Embrace the unknown, shocking, “forbidden” or difficult symbols & imagery that may appear. Notice your internal reactions & ask for help, if needed.

  1. After taking your artwork home, carefully decide who sees them & educate them on silent witnessing. Remember they will be viewing your artwork based on their “judging” minds. It is ok to ask them to celebrate your creativity, rather than commenting on or asking for meaning in your artwork.

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  1. Thanks Danielle, Intuitive painting is an amazing process. It is life changing....
    Thanks for explaining it so well.