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Sunday, February 13, 2011

When is the right time to make art i.e. procrastination...

When am I supposed to find the time to make art? Before or after I make dinner? Before or after I answer emails and return calls?

What keeps you from your art? Laundry, shopping, homework, carpools, bill paying, re-potting plants?

I am exhausted by the time the kids are in bed and the dishes are done. The idea I had to make an Art Date with myself and a glass of champagne in the studio sounded perfect at 4 PM. At 9 PM, I am in my pajamas thinking about whether I should skip TV and go straight to bed.

Just being honest...

I really don't have a solution here. I can think of all kinds of projects that will help me get back into the art studio: cleaning it up for one, making a mixed CD to play inspirational creative music on the half broken Hello Kitty CD player I recently inherited for two.

I am able to read books about being-creative-daily while drinking my chamomile tea in bed (at 9:30 PM). I am able to buy art supplies while passing the art store on my way to yoga or while in Michael's shopping for a school project.

I even have a list! A list of project ideas inspired by personal a-ha! moments, conversations with girlfriends, and above-mentioned creative books...I even have sketches in my journal of ideas so I won't forget the details later on. Some might argue the sketches count, maybe they do, but I know what glorious final projects they could become and feel I am just not living up to my potential as an artist.

So why can't I seem to actually make a whole lot of things? Really make them--with the art supplies I have ready to go, in the clean studio?

Perfectionism? Waiting to not feel tired or torn between many things, all "good" for me?

I know! The time isn't right because I haven't made that mixed CD yet! That's what I will do tonight with my tea in hand and pajamas on!!

What do you think?

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